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As [livejournal.com profile] aerynsun5 asked me how many SPN Funko's there are, I thought I'd do my due diligence and do a list for everyone :) Bare in mind some of these are hot topic exclusives, and they keep bringing them out, just like the official 2015 Convention Special French Mistake Cas, which our girl Aerynsun managed to score at the weekend :D
Now, I was wondering if anyone wanted to start a swap meet kind of deal, if one of us can get a hold of a certain one, perhaps someone has something else they'd like in exchange, etc etc...anyway...

Official Funko's -


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I've also been collecting a list of SPN Funko's from places like Etsy, because the custom made ones are AWESOME!

MistyFigs does a fantastic range of customs...

Such as EndVerse Dean (complete with auto-rifle) and EndVerse Lucifer Sam (In the white suit - which I have been drooling over for AGES!) AND STAR TREK AU S/D/C and those are just THREE she has to offer. There are a whole three pages of listings you have to check out!
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There's only a few rules over here:

1) Have fun :)
2) No W*nk
3) All posts bigger than one picture long, behind a cut please :)
4) Sam, Dean and/or Castiel need to be involved somewhere along the line :)

[livejournal.com profile] spn_on_parade has become quite popular and we have a large number of members who love creating mayhem with their little dudes (And dudettes ;D) so feel free to post your crazy. We love a good mentally challenged moment ;)

Member's Memories ♥
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sailorhathor wished to see the Minis on a swimming adventure, so a hand-picked hardy few of them accompanied me for an afternoon outside in the garden to take advantage of our little pond.

Were they grateful?

Pssht, what do you think?

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“What is it, Dean?”

“Dunno,” Dean mutters as he sprinkles holy water on a rather large red envelope. “It arrived in the mail today, but I got a bad feeling about it and the EMF is off the charts. We need to check it out before MV tries to open it, make sure it’s safe. At least it’s not moving. Here, help me open it up, Sam.”

“Shouldn’t we at least ask her about the package first?” Sam asks.

“What and risk her life. Don’t be such a wuss Sam, we need to do this now.”


*Apologies to mods, I can't get the tags to edit.
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Let's go with another 'Guess the Episode' - I think this episode probably appears in most peoples' top ten ...

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Or should that be 'look what I HAD until my Deans got their mitts on them!'

I got a wonderful prsent from my Obi [livejournal.com profile] milly_gal with some of her beautiful shinies in it, and as soon as my back was turned these little thieving gits had nabbed them!

Dean's also nabbed Jack Black's line from School of Rock! (And it's a double bass, Dean!)

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No prizes this week as I think it's an easy peasy one, so just for fun...guess the episode!

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We haven't done one for a little while, so now it's time to play Guess The Episode!

Please put your guess in the comments and the first correct guess will win a songspam!
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So, the moment my Minis and I have been waiting for finally arrived yesterday!

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And there was me thinking that a visit to the Big Bang living room would make Mini Sheldon, the little snot, happy ...

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It seems my minis are out for revenge ...

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I'm not sure if the huge Funko Sam and Dean at SDCC were breaking the fourth wall, jumping the shark or doing their own version of The French Mistake, but it was all wonderfully silly!

And [livejournal.com profile] kinkthatwinked wanted to see some minis reacting to the pictures, so here we are!

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