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As [livejournal.com profile] aerynsun5 asked me how many SPN Funko's there are, I thought I'd do my due diligence and do a list for everyone :) Bare in mind some of these are hot topic exclusives, and they keep bringing them out, just like the official 2015 Convention Special French Mistake Cas, which our girl Aerynsun managed to score at the weekend :D
Now, I was wondering if anyone wanted to start a swap meet kind of deal, if one of us can get a hold of a certain one, perhaps someone has something else they'd like in exchange, etc etc...anyway...

Official Funko's -


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I've also been collecting a list of SPN Funko's from places like Etsy, because the custom made ones are AWESOME!

MistyFigs does a fantastic range of customs...

Such as EndVerse Dean (complete with auto-rifle) and EndVerse Lucifer Sam (In the white suit - which I have been drooling over for AGES!) AND STAR TREK AU S/D/C and those are just THREE she has to offer. There are a whole three pages of listings you have to check out!
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There's only a few rules over here:

1) Have fun :)
2) No W*nk
3) All posts bigger than one picture long, behind a cut please :)
4) Sam, Dean and/or Castiel need to be involved somewhere along the line :)

[livejournal.com profile] spn_on_parade has become quite popular and we have a large number of members who love creating mayhem with their little dudes (And dudettes ;D) so feel free to post your crazy. We love a good mentally challenged moment ;)

Member's Memories ♥
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Someone's made a new friend . . . and it's got mini!Dean worried!

Poor Baby

Jun. 18th, 2017 10:41 pm
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Baby met up with a familiar face yesterday. I think her cooling systems are in serious jeopardy ...

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My mini Sams and Deans wanted to wish Bobby and Negan Happy Father's Day, although neither of them are their dad! They got them a keg of Hobgoblin Gold as a gift.

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[livejournal.com profile] jj1564's birthday shenanigans sailed on by, and with them came an amount of mirth you wouldn't believe! lol!

[livejournal.com profile] dizzojay bought Jj this BEAST for her birthday! :DDD
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We had lots of great entries for this round of the competition, and picking a winner was, as always, a difficult decision, but there had to be a winner, and therefore, our winner is ...

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Dearest [livejournal.com profile] jj1564 ♥ Happiest of happies! My little toerags got all territorial, led by Sam, would you believe?!? Oh, dear [livejournal.com profile] dizzojay - SORRY! O.o I can't take them anywhere!
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My Minis have nominated Mini Team Free Will to pass on their good wishes to one of our own; wonderful Mini Mama and devoted mod here at the Parade - the lovely [livejournal.com profile] jj1564

Happy Birthday JJ )
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This was a little lark we've run a couple of times on the community, and the last time was - believe it or not - October 2015 !  Therefore, us mods decided that with hellatus upon us, plus a whole lot of new members and new minis who have never participated in the wish list, now was a good time for us to get it out of mothballs and get the fun going again.

So, the wish list; what is it?
We all enjoy the escapades of each others' little plastic dudes, and there is seemingly no end to the mischief and mayhem the little herberts can create.

But is there something you'd really like to see them doing? Or somewhere you'd really like to see them going?   Do you have an idea for an adventure for them?

If so, then our Mini-Team-Free-Will Wish List is for you!

Here's how it works:

Add your 'wish' as a comment at this post.

If you see a 'wish' that you like, then grant it with a photo, comic-strip, art, fic ... whatever tickles your fancy.

When you post your response, be sure to tag the name of the wisher and their wish so they can see that you've granted it, and make sure you use our 'wish list' tag.

There are no limits to the number of responses any 'wish' can have.

There are no timescales - anyone can start wishing and granting wishes straight away, and we'll just keep this running in the background of the comm for as long as you're all coming up with ideas!

There are also no timescales in terms of granting wishes - we know how much work goes into making all your little mini-masterpieces, and many require time and preparation or maybe even travel, so if you are a wisher, we will do our best to ensure that all wishes get granted sooner or later, it just may take a few weeks!

Comm. rules apply

Wishes and responses can involve any mini or combination of minis, but all or any of the members of Team Free Will (Dean, Sam, Cas or Baby) should be involved in the mix somewhere
More than one picture behind a cut please
and above all, play nice!

So, on your marks ...

ready ...
steady ...

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Two of our minis seem to have major me's! Brilliant cosplay at Phoenix Con.

No automatic alt text available.

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It's been rather quiet around the community of late, so it would seem it's time for a caption competition to mark the beginning of a mini summer of fun!

Therefore, take a look at the picture below and add your caption as a comment to this post.  As usual, the winning comment will be added to the picture and it will be published next Thursday 15th June ...

So, on your mini marks ... get set ... caption!
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My minis were 'helping' me in the kitchen and came across an interesting looking carrot...
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The entertainment at the hotel where asylum 18 was held in Blackpool was a bit old-fashioned and needed a bit of energy injecting into it, given that the average age of the clientele was about eighty.

But I'm sorry, I think this would have given the old dears heart failure ...

Assuming, of course, that the old dears had strong enough bifocals to actually SEE thiis particular cabaret!
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Oh thanks, Mini Captain Jack  - I love you too!
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My minis were as traumatised, shocked, saddened and impressed by the season 12 finale as I was, and here are there one-word reactions to the ending...under the cut as spoilers...
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Ooooooorrrr ... maybe not; this Roman local doesn't look particularly impressed.
Sorry little guys, not so much Spartacus as Shortarse-acus!

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I leave for the Asylum convention tomorrow, and I figured that I may as well get on with my packing tonight.  I mean, nothing like leaving it to the last minute, right?

So anyway, I get my case out, and turn my back for just a moment to rummage through my wardrobe.

When I get back ...

Liberty-taking little buggers ... )
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Yes, I know I'm a week overdue here - and no doubt the minis will make me pay, but hey-ho, that's real life for you.

Anyway, there's been a birthday inamongst my mini brood ...

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