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Name: Winchesters On Parade - The Boys Are Back
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This comm is purely for entertainment's sake.

dizzojay, jj1564, and I (milly_gal) felt that the adventures of our little plastic friends should be recorded for posterity for all to enjoy *grins*

Basically, this is a place of fun and silliness and we hope you'll all enjoy the continuing adventures of our boys; Mini Sam, Dean and Castiel, and if any of you have been keeping the same company as us, feel free to post your adventures here.

There aren't many rules, really only the one I'd say.

No w*nk. Like I said, fun and silliness. We don't mean to offend, and we certainly aren't here to debate the merits of which OTP is the better. We have a J2 lover, a Wincester and a Destiel fan running this thing so we're a multi-dimensional fandom related bunch of ladies who just want to bring the joy to those of you who share in our daft (and sometimes twisted) sense of humour.

Obviously, we're all adults here, so from time to time there may be a few 'Adult Content' posts, and we'd be appreciative if you mainly posted things to do with Mini Sam, Dean, and Cas, (Or seeing as we appear to be expanding our 'families' then as long as they're involved in the mix somewhere)

Have fun everyone :)

p.s all large posts; more than one picture long, behind a cut please :)
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